Three-dimensional geometries

Inspired by the colors of the 60s, through the use of alternating pink and black Bisazza mosaic, it was possible to mark the game of extrusions that seem to lead into a stage by three-dimensional geometries. The severe mark of […]


Artistic Perfumery

The design of the perfume The reason for the perfumery transformation was that of seat transfer. It is a company founded in 1970 by detecting the activity of another historic perfume shop in the San Giovanni district of Rome, existing since […]


Brand showroom for Jeddah

Corporate restyle with the “Made in Italy” touch With a request to think of a contemporary space and also modular and flexible, it has been given the task of setting up a space of about 250 square meters on two […]


Precious gems

The luxury bathroom is inspired by the living room Made with 3 copper reflections nuances of the line “Gems” Bisazza, the bathroom “precious gems”, inspired by a living room, is designed for maximum comfort and relax. The large size has […]


The shop of the rain

A sensorial scenery for the flagship store. Assuming that today we have established many new ways of social communication, the project explores and reflects on the complex relationship between space, technology, human behavior, contemporary aesthetics and modes of shopping. The […]


Informal lifestyle

Art and creativity for renovated interiors The restoration has maintained the original style and the floor tiles of 1960, year of construction of the building, but has eliminated most of the partitions and creating a fluid and bright space interrupted […]


Traditional restyling

Renovation on Ostia seafront The long, narrow space of the entrance houses the library, it was highlighted by a flooring in tiles of cement and grit, that reminiscent the old flooring geometric patterns of end 800 of the house. The […]


Penthouse in Rome

Classic notes in Rome The client’s request to have a classic flavor and luxurious living has been translated into a custom made wooden boiserie that covers the entire living area and develops a system of separation and organization of the […]