Imagination and flexibility are key ingredients to design, furnish and decorate a room for children, where the shape is expressed by the function. Designed and custom made in wood lacquered white, the room with magnetic modules, revisits the “classic” with a game of silhouettes and overlays in modular unit for library plans and containers.

Kids design 01

Kids design 02

kids design 03

The wardrobes were designed thinking of a “magnetic board” that would give space to the imagination of children, behind the the lacquered doors was placed a plate of iron that can support the decorations, and these magnetic silhouettes (cat, heart, star) are chosen by the children themselves. In view of the future growth of children, in time the modular system will change positioning of the shelves and drawers, as well as magnetic silhouettes to apply.

Kids design 04

Kids design 05

Kids design 06

The tables, designed as a place to host and organize the moments of study, play and socialization of children, have a unique surface consists of two elements-embedded tables: this double soul of the table is meant to draw, but at the same time “to share” the space devoted to each child.

Kids design 07

Kids design 08

Kids design 09

Kids design 10