The study over the years has been involved in activities abroad and in various parts of the national territory. The numerous design experiences in international competitions, the development of technologies for communication and presenting the projects, and the need to follow the investments and the movements of his most loyal customer base, have expanded the boundaries of its achievements.

The Pianosi office began with great interest also to provide online consultancy on request in Italy and abroad.

Of course, for more complex interventions will be necessary inspections, photographic surveys, technical testing and measurements of the places to be restored. But even in this case it will be possible in a short time to develop a full project proposal that in the realization phase may be coordinated at a distance with technical and local companies.
The interaction with email, video calls and photographic material exchanges, particularly efficient today even from smartphones, allows us to be in the best conditions for the transmission of design ideas, for the furnishing of a room or a particular area of the house, in development completion works or total redesign of the home or a business office.
It is precisely these cases that make the architect online service quickest because it reduces the time of the meetings and site visits, and as a result the design prices are very affordable.
Once activated the communication of the work to be carried out, clarify the needs and specific requests, the study will provide a quotation for the activities to be carried out and generally in 15 days are given the design solution. It will be possible to discuss the various aspects of the project via Skype or via email, verifying the proposals developed so that they can respond perfectly to the tastes and needs of the customer.
The architectural design or interior decoration type is generally presented in this way:

  • detailed floor plans to highlight the distribution of space, the position of the furniture and the definition of executive measures;
  • plumbing and electrical wiring diagram;
  • 3d images for the visualization of ideas and functional solutions adopted;
  • technical specifications for the identification of the furnishings and the recommended lights, colors and fabrics to coordinate in the layout;
  • the preliminary evaluation of the costs, to have an accurate idea of what it costs to implement the project.
If you like our creations presented in this site, please contact us, together we can now start thinking about the best solution for your location and we can be identified the details that make them unique.