The multidisciplinary skills of the firm and collaborations with professionals and trusted craftsmen, have helped to develop a unique design that combines tradition and innovation, creativity and quality of construction.
All projects are created by the individual needs of clients and have unique features and are designed for that purpose. The architect verifies the feasibility and develops the project and follows the various stages of realization in the accomplishment of bureaucratic practices, coordination of workers until the delivery of the work. A unique figure, a reference to the side of the client to which require multiple services.

Architectural design

Verifying the feasibility and development of a custom project according to the budget and to the client's specific needs

Works supervision

site management, coordination of construction companies and suppliers, monitoring for the proper execution of the works

Building permits

CIL, DIA, SCIA, registry documents

Architectural design

  • Design for interior renovations (residential, shops, offices, etc.) and external (gardens, courtyards, green areas, etc.), including metric survey of the rooms, preliminary design, final and cost estimate;
  • Design comprehensive of 3D photorealistic rendering for the most significant spaces;
  • Photographic documentation of the site and concluded works;
  • Final design including related systems (electrical, plumbing, air conditioning);
  • Tailored furniture design and drawing of construction details for the realization;
  • Lighting design;
  • Furnishing advice;
  • Graphics, Corporate Branding, Web Design.

Works Management

  • Renovations;
  • Preparation of contract specifications of the works; management of building documents;
  • Support the conclusion of contracts with companies and suppliers;
  • Renovation works management and surveillance of the site in the the realization phases;
  • Checking the timing and accounting for the protection of the client;
  • Checking the quality of work performed.