The presence of light in planned spaces is essential to emphasize the shapes enhancing the perception, but equally important is its role in creating the atmosphere to live emotionally objects that accompany us in daily life. To do this you need to create the scene more suited to our needs, choosing different solutions.

The selected images show our choices made in the different areas of intervention.

arredare luce 01

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It is possible to illuminate an environment in an invisible manner, by placing multiple units in discrete hidden points or recessed in such a way as to obtain a light reflected from walls, ceilings and even floors, endowing the points of light dimmer switches to modulate the intensity of light and therefore the atmosphere.

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Sometimes you need to create a focal point to bring people together in useful points of conversation and promote a friendly atmosphere. The choice of this central light so acquires a decorative role.

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Table lamps, floor, hanging lampshades to make the soft, diffused light, lighting the faces of the people and describing a warm atmosphere must be well-chosen and placed to create these focal points, individual or convivial.

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On the market the choice has never been so wide, so the choice of light fittings must be made in the knowledge of having to solve functional needs through objective elements that characterize the scene: sometimes using exuberant decorative patterns, sometimes inserting accessories discrete and hidden.

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