The design of the perfume

The reason for the perfumery transformation was that of seat transfer. It is a company founded in 1970 by detecting the activity of another historic perfume shop in the San Giovanni district of Rome, existing since the twenties, and now the protagonist for the sale of niche perfumes, fragrances of Italian and international author selected by the passion and creativity of a family-owned company that has distinguished itself in the field of artistic perfumery for their assistance in the search for combinations between the right fragrance and the customer. (For more info ).

A sophisticated creativity working on emotions, memories, styles, and it has urged the ideas crucial for the construction.

profumeria gini 01

profumeria gini 03

The architect worked on two essential points at the same time.
The first step is to create an environment with style uniformity using classic but modular shapes, simplifying details of moldings and decorations to provide a light and comfortable space.
The second point was to introduce recognizable elements to create a set that would be identifiable to the research and exposure of handmade fragrances presented. Then a bright blue color was chosen as Turquoise Blue as an amazing finish for the ironwork of the forged panel on the front door and the structure of the tables with custom design.

profumeria gini 04

Particular importance has been given to the floral decoration of the central arc of the exhibition gallery, which becomes vegetable textures in the boiserie at the base of the same Blue Pastel color of the bottom wall. Even the lighting is key element: the white LEDs hidden within large molded cornices of the high walls of furniture realize brightest bands that draw the central perspective and direct the visitor’s eye on exhibitors; Led RGB projectors modulating the color of the walls act as a booster in the evening hours.

profumeria gini 02

profumeria gini 05

profumeria gini 06