Classic notes in Rome

The client’s request to have a classic flavor and luxurious living has been translated into a custom made wooden boiserie that covers the entire living area and develops a system of separation and organization of the room: the partition panels, libraries accessible by both sides but also the stairs, a service element that connects the upper floor, they become an integral part of living space.

The light-toned parquet laid longitudinally and the LED lighting system play with semicircle lines. Everything is designed to give depth to a “long and narrow” room: the sofa “Arne” with wrapping back by B&B overlooking a 30° rotated wall, which supports the TV and the rigorous designed fireplace, separates the living from the dining area that has the table of Paola Navone by Gervasoni played down by 8 antiquarian chairs different from one another.
attico roma 01

attico roma 02


attico roma 05

Declinations of glass

Glass is the word that describes this kitchen in full.
The top and kitchen doors Artematica Vitrum by Valcucine are constituted by a structural profile made of aluminum and from an aesthetic surface of tempered glass which gives at the room a reflecting effect.
The refrigerator suspended from the wall was raised to make the kitchen, converted from a long narrow room, more light. The empty space under the fridge was lit to evidence the effect of suspension and create a play of solids and voids.
The niche is obtained in a remaining space and incorporates the effect of reflected light.
Of glass is also the wide opening between kitchen and living room to the side of the living forms the background for the shelves of a library container. Introspection between the two environments is also modulated through a glass controlled by an electronic system that will change the transparency if you want to make it completely opaque.

cucina di vetro 01

cucina di vetro 02

cucina di vetro 03

cucina di vetro 04