Art and creativity for renovated interiors

The restoration has maintained the original style and the floor tiles of 1960, year of construction of the building, but has eliminated most of the partitions and creating a fluid and bright space interrupted only by the aluminum door Rimadesio full height. The furniture is casually informal enhanced by some works of art by young artists of the Roman scene: the red painting by Cristiano Quagliozzi, while the bronze statues are the work of Iranian sculptress Neda Shafiee Moghaddam.
The design objects, that revise everyday objects in new ways, are designed by contemporary artists for ArtWO and produced by detainees of the prison of Rebibbia in Rome: the dish, made with bicycle chain is by Stefano Canto, armchairs born from the reuse of bicycle saddles are by Carlo De Meo and the chandelier created with copper pipe and taps are by Yonel Hidalgo Perez.
Photographs by Andrea Attardi.

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Opening of light

The entrance is the business card of a house and the starting point of all planimetric distribution.
The idea behind the new distribution was to break the rigidity of the existing diagram and allow greater fluidity of the path and receive at the same time a significant part of the library of the house. For this purpose, the choice of full height doors “Spin” by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio have created a scenic backdrop of openings made of light, colors and transparency.
The color of the walls of the rooms are captured and reflected by the surface of the opal glass doors, it makes the atmosphere warmer and it softens the rigor of the rationalist “minimal” style by the architect.
On the column that receives and divides the entrance, was placed an unusual compartment made from shovels for snow created by artist Carlo De Meo for Artwo, that since the 90’s, continues to rework everyday objects, turning them into visionaries objects

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